Can customize all kinds of small appliances

We can customize the goods you want, just provide 1 design, we can design and make molds to produce the goods you need!

Mold Manufacturing

We have our own design team and all products are molded and manufactured by ourselves.

Advanced injection molding machines

We have advanced equipment to ensure that the products produced are of better quality and use better results.

Strength Factory

Moxibustion Foot Massager

Hot moxibustion + foot massage, OEM labeling production available

Intelligent sitting moxibustion device

Hot moxibustion + vibration massage, can OEM OEM production

Moxibustion Eye Massager

Hot moxibustion + vibration massage, can OEM OEM production

Multi-functional Moxibustion

Compact moxibustion instrument, can moxibustion whole body, can OEM OEM production

Intelligent moxibustion device

Specially designed for head moxibustion apparatus, OEM production is available.

Palm Moxibustion

Small size, can moxibustion whole body, can OEM license production

Anti-sleepiness and refreshing instrument

With a simple appearance, this anti-sleepiness awakening instrument is designed with the microcomputer control system and 5-shift massage modes, which can provide you with appropriate massage strength. When driving, you can make your driving more easily and safely by use of the awakening instrument; when studying and working, you can maintain your best mental state and greatly improve your work and study efficiency by use of the awakening instrument; when you are free, you can use the awakening instrument to massage your temple to relax your body and mind and effectively improve the quality of your sleep. With the USB charging mode, it is simple and convenient. FILIO anti-sleepiness awakening instrument can keep you relaxed anytime and anywhere.

Anti-sleepiness and refreshing instrument

This refreshing device is available in two colors, blue and white.

Refrigerator Fresh Balls

Refrigerator Freshness Balls, removes odors from the refrigerator, protects vegetables and fruits freshness.

laundry ball

This laundry ball, put it in when washing clothes in the washing machine, to prevent clothes from tangling, washing clothes will be cleaner